agile content conf

Using contextual research at GOV.UK to find an approach that works for everyone (case study)

Naintara Land, former Head of User Research, Government Digital Service

Recorded live at agile content conf, 30 Jan. 2017, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

Naintara explains how her team ran a user research project about the needs of small business owners that helped both digital experts and subject matter experts to broaden their perspectives about their users’ context. This enabled people to step out of their entrenched positions and find an approach that satisfied everyone. You’ll learn:

  • how contextual research differs from usability testing, and how to use it in the “discovery” phase of projects to create shared understanding
  • how to present research findings in a way that unites stakeholders by suggesting hypotheses instead of making recommendations
  • tips for getting involved in user research when it’s not in your job description

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