agile content conf

Collaborating with journalists to create a mobile-only video experience for the BBC News app (case study)

Alex Watson, Head of Product, BBC News

Recorded live at agile content conf, 30 Jan. 2017, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

Hear how the BBC News digital team worked with journalists to create a custom content experience for mobile video. Instead of treating this as a pure design problem—how to get video onto a platform as efficiently as possible—Alex’s team collaborated with editorial and broadcast delivery teams to experiment with new processes for creating content for a specific audience. Learn how to:

  • advocate for designing for a specific audience when one-size-fits-all content for multiple platforms doesn’t meet their needs
  • enable joint creativity with content creators and subject matter experts by finding shared goals and language
  • engage diverse stakeholders in digital projects by understanding their perspectives instead of appealing to data and evidence alone

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