agile content conf

Creating a digital service to support women after breast cancer treatment (case study)

Jo Wolfe, Digital Lead, Breast Cancer Care

Recorded live at agile content conf, 30 Jan. 2017, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

Jo’s team worked with a technology accelerator programme to create BECCA, a digital service that supports women to adapt to life after breast cancer. The project involved people from across the organisation, including clinical experts, front-line staff, and executives. Hear how Jo’s team supported stakeholders to collaborate on content, design, and functionality using a combination of user research and iterative development. Learn how to:

  • understand the underlying needs your content will meet by participating in contextual research, side-by-side with your stakeholders
  • collaborate continuously with stakeholders from across the organisation by including them in an iterative design process and regular usability testing
  • approach people who you don’t normally work with and invite them to work together on content

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